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Our Story

Imagine the people in a community in direct conversation with their own farmer – asking him or her for certain produce and committing to buying that produce once ripe and ready to eat. He or she would be able to plan and farm more effectively, reducing waste and creating a better living standard for him or herself.

You already have a local farmer – the farmer using organic farming methods with healthy seeds and plants to produce healthy food on a patch of land nearby. If this food can just take a short cut to the family kitchen to reduce waste . . .

There is no need to use genetic modification to grow healthy plants.

Organic methods of growing food are about producing optimally healthy plants with no need for pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides. Growing healthy plants from healthy soil also ensures higher nutrient levels, resulting in a variety of healthy foods which is significantly preferable to protein-enhanced sweet potatoes or vitamin A-enhanced rice.

We have grown accustomed to having all types of fruit and vegetables on the shop shelves all year round. To make this possible, food is genetically modified to grow out of season or to survive long storage and shelf life. Local food systems make shelf life less of an issue. Besides, do you really want to eat fruit that could last for a month? When the farmers are the ones who are starving, there is something seriously wrong in our food supply chain.

Why buy the items required by your recipe? How about finding a good recipe matching the food in season which can be produced by your own local farmers?

Because the food is produced locally, it takes a shorter route to get to you – a short supply chain.

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