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PGS Green Road is a voluntary association of growers, retailers and consumers supporting organic agriculture and local food production based on the principles of ecology, health, fairness and care. As a proud member of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) and IFOAM PGS, we support the development of organic agriculture in its full diversity worldwide.

Furthermore, PGS-GR is involved in the formation of a regional representative body for PGS. This regional body will create a network for small-scale organic assurance, and will also develop a regional distinctive mark that will be used to identify PGS-endorsed organic products. This will improve the credibility and reduce the level of confusion and even misrepresentation taking place in the organic sector. In this way, third-party certification and PGS assurance can operate together for the benefit of the sector, its supporters and the consumers.

PGS needs the support of everyone who holds the organic sector – and our planet – dear. We are now perfectly positioned to take the PGS to a new level, to move its energy from the management office into the walkways of local markets into the consciousness of the wider community.

It is transparent, open to public scrutiny and peer-driven.

• It is extremely cost effective.

• The administration and “red tape” is streamlined and simplified to suit small-scale producers.

• Because all growers are part of the process, the PGS also becomes a support and “skills transference” system, where growers and public can share information, offer advice, and identify customer needs.

• It is important to note that PGS is essentially an assurance system for local markets: it cannot, and should not be expected to serve as an assurance system for international organic trade. Third-party certification is still the most effective way to deal across borders.

PGS News

Camphill Farm Community Hermanus commits to Green Road Organic Participatory Guarantee System (PGS)

Camphill Hermanus is an NPO that provides homes and work to people with intellectual disabilities.  Will and Mada Morkel, the farmers at Camphill Hermanus, farm in a humane and ecologically sensitive way.  Working with them through the assessment has truly been rewarding to all those involved.  For more information,  view www.camphill-hermanus.org.za

The Green Road PGS is transparent, open to public scrutiny and peer driven. Further information on the PGS standards and process is available on our website or if you have a specific question, please email pgs@greenroad.co.za.

The Green Road makes a significant difference by providing a new business engagement model that allows consumers to offer a fair price for REAL FOOD out of a clear understanding of the costs to the farmers.

Please remember to support our farmers by ordering your weekly organic bags on www.greenroad.co.za.

Should you wish to find out more information on buying our organic produce, please phone Priscilla on 021 007 1800 or email pgs@greenroad.co.za

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Consumers insterest in participating in farm assessments, please contact Janet Gracie on pgs@greenroad.co.za or phone 021 007 1800.