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How it works

The Green Road website enables you to easily select & order your preferred bags for delivery.

Sign up and explore your account dashboard, where you can review & configure your bag for delivery to your door or depot. Once you have placed your order/sequence, we will assemble your bags with fresh local produce straight from our farmers.

  1. Sign up
  2. You need to purchase credits by either using our Sage Pay or EFT services.
  3. If you pay via EFT please email greenroad@greenroad.co.za proof of payment.
  4. Please note EFT payments take 2 days to process.
  5. Your credits will be shown on your Green Road account and you may begin your local, fresh, organic, biodynamic journey with us.
  6. Click on Purchase & Deliveries to order or change your preferred bag/products and save your order, which will be updated on your account dashboard.

We will then process the order and sign the bags off, notifying you of your order, via your preferred communication. An invoice will be generated and automatically deducted from your purchased credits. Once the order is ready, you will receive a notification of delivery or that your order is ready to be collected, again by your preferred communication method, indicated when you signed up.

On our user-friendly interactive dashboard you will be able to buy credits, review your transaction history, delivery invoices, past deliveries & edit your profile.



Section A. Orders & Managing my account

Q. Must I re-register on the Green Road website if I am an existing customer?

A. Yes. Should you require assistance in re-registering, please contact 021 007 1800or alternatively email sales@greenroad.co.za

Q. How do I amend an order I have already placed?

A. Log on to the website, go to the week you want to amend and there is a ‘change’ option. Follow the prompts.

Q. What happens if I cannot see the week I want to change?

A. If the system does not allow you to change the ‘current week selection’, you will have missed the cut-off time and the farmer is already busy harvesting your order. Please receive the bag as ordered or      arrange with Operations an alternative Drop-Off point. The bag cannot be changed or cancelled after the cut-off time Monday 5pm.

Q. How do I know I have submitted an order?

A. On the website, there will be “order confirmation”. Then follow the confirmation prompt via ‘selected communication channel’.

Q. Do I have to order every week?

A. No

Q. How often can I change my order?

A. As many times as you want before the farmer order deadline on Teusday at 2pm.

Q. What is the minimum order amount for a weekly bag?

A. A Custom bag containing a choice of products has a minimum value of R100.00 a bag. There are 5 other choices of bags – fruit, dairy, vegetables, juice and meat bags.

Q. How do I plan for holidays?

A. Order your bags to your own cycle or cancel your bags before the farmer order deadline on Teusday at 2pm. 

Q. Can I order a bag as a gift for someone else?

A. Yes, as long as you pre-pay and notify us of the specified delivery address.

Section B. Bag Information

Q. Where can I see my bag contents all on one page?

A. Sign in on the website (found on the RHS of page) then Click on “Review & Configure Deliveries”.  Follow the prompts.

Q. Can I choose my own bag contents?

A. Yes

Section C. Payment Information

Q. How do I pay?

A. Credit card or EFT

Q. Is there a delivery charge?

A. A Delivery charge to individual addresses supplied is R45. There is no fee if collected at Drop Off points. 

Q. Can I look at my statement history?

A. Yes, under “Review Transaction History” or “Review Delivery Invoices”.

Section D. Delivery

Q. What time do you deliver? Do I need to be at home?

A. Delivery times are from 10am until 3.30pm. No, as long as a suitable place to leave the delivery has been communicated to Green Road Operations prior to delivery. If we are unable to deliver or if you are out, then please revert to Depot Drop off points for collection.

Q. Where are your Drop Off points?

A. 40 Saffraan Street, Die Boord

B. Die Boord Health Shop

C.Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion

D. Sustainability Instititute

E.. The Health Kick, Stellenbosch Square

F. The Natural Way, Gordons Bay

G. The Stelllenbosch Waldorf School

Section E. Problems

Q. What should I do if my box has not arrived?

A. Revert to ‘Contact us’ on the Website or phone Operations on 082 783 7104 or email orders@greenroad.co.za.

Q. What if something is missing from my order?

A. As Above in Point 1.

Q. What should I do if there is a problem with any of the produce?

A. As above but, we highly recommend that consumers participate in Consumer Indaba Forums to provide us with the Feedback we need to meet expectations.