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So what IS the Green Road?

Green Road is founded on the principle of a future for Real food. 

So what does that mean?

Real Food is a food system - from seed to plate that fundamentally respects human dignity and health, animal welfare, social justice and environmental sustainability.

So with this vision of Real Food, the Green Road aims to achieve three goals. The first is to connect farmers directly with consumers in order to minimise product waste through a replenishment system – simply put, farmers produce food that is actually needed by consumers.  No waste!

The second goal, is to directly benefits farmers by giving them a larger share of the income from their produce through a new economic model that basically means more money to invest in better production methods.

The third goal is that the Green Road aims to empower consumers through a PGS (participatory guarantee system) assurance system of organic produce hereby assisting with transparency and traceability concerns.

All this sounds good, but how will it be possible? By setting up a complete system of technical support and extension services through the Green Road, working closely to ensure that farmers are well-resourced and capacitated to produce organic food that complies with standards that meet consumers needs.

All farms will be mapped and concluded in a web-based software program that will provide crop information to both the consumers and the coordinating hub which the Green Road has developed.

The Green Road team has been working with the farmers of Camphill Hermanus on the GR PGS assessment which has now been concluded. 

Camphill Hermanus has also committed to go through the process of becoming a GR producer member, which will allow them to label and sell all their produce with the Green Road endorsement seal.

In conclusion, the farmer takes responsibility for the health of the consumers and the consumer takes responsibility for the livelihood of the farmers.  Through direct trade via an open supply chain, farmer development, participatory guarantee systems and a common economy, consumers take responsibility for healthy soils, plants, animals and people.

More information on the Green Road Project can be found on www.greenroad.co.za or by phoning 021 007 1800.