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How it works

The Green Road website enables you to easily select & order your preferred bags for delivery. Sign up and explore your account dashboard, where you can review & configure your bag for delivery to your door or depot. Once you have placed your order/sequence, we will assemble your bags with fresh local produce straight from our farmers.


What's in the bag?

Below are the details of the weekly bags available from Green Road. When signing up, you can choose which bags you wish to receive up to five weeks in advance. Produce selected is subject to availability.

Your weekly "rhythm" can be decided or set. Should you wish to adjust this rhythm, you may do so in your account settings before the order cut-off at 2pm every Tuesday.


Join Us

By joining The Green Road, consumers play an essential role in helping farmers to significantly enhance the health of their farms and the quality and flavour of their food. Together with the farmer we can look at agriculture, food production, food distribution and nutrition.

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Sign up today and take a concrete step in supporting the Green Road Open Food program where you get to know your local farmers.  Should you experience any problems on our website, please phone Priscilla on 072 688 1310.